Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Σκληρή άνοιξη

64. Where did that gust come from
whistling through the sky
shaking the whole forest
blowing open my bamboo door
without any arms or legs
how does it move around
I'd track it down but can't
from the cliffs a tiger loughs

89. What's gone is already gone
and what hasn't come needs no thought
now for a right-now line
plums are ripe and gardenias in bloom

from The Zen Works of Stonehouse, poems and talks of a 14th c. chinese hermit translated by Red Pine (Bill Porter), Mercury House, San Fransisco, 1999

In Spring/Time we trust

Όλες οι φωτο από το χανάμι (γιορτή των λουλουδιών) στο Πάρκο Ουένο του Τόκιο (Aπρίλης 1994). Στην τελευταία, στο βάθος η «Φλόγα» (La Flamme) του Ph. Starck, πιο γνωστή ως Χρυσή Σκατούλα...